Sony Vaio XL2 Media Center Reviewed (Verdict: It's 'aight)

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Okay, so this isn't actually a "Media Center," Sony likes to call it a Digital Living System featuring MCE. But that is just fancy talk for a media center. This machine packs quite a punch. It is powered by a Viiv-compatible dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, GeForce 6600GT, wireless keyboard w/ touchpad, wireless networking, 200 disc changer, optical burner, HD tuner and—gasp!—an HDMI port! The price on this machine starts at a hefty $2,500.

PCMag took a hands-on look of the XL2 and they seem to be thoroughly impressed. The XL2 is described as another step to media center nirvana by Sony. It surpasses its competitors in power and features and with the addition of a HDMI port this one of the better media centers out there, as long as you can afford it and your TV supports HDMI. Oh, and did we mention that it looks pretty? Oooooo, so shiny.

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