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Sony's 4K Movie Streaming Will Work on PS4—At 100GB a Pop

Illustration for article titled Sonys 4K Movie Streaming Will Work on PS4—At 100GB a Pop

While there's still little known about Sony's efforts to pioneer the first 4K movie download service, one thing we can say almost definitely now is that the service will in fact be compatible with its (supposedly) upcoming PS4. In an interview with The Verge, Sony President and COO Phil Molyneux almost sort of definitely confirmed that the service would be compatible with the ethereal console by promising that we "will not be disappointed." Oh, and by the way, a typical 4K movie download will chew up more than 100 GB of bandwidth.


So when the PS4 actually does take shape, and if Sony's service actually is compatible, there's still the small problem of these downloads being wholly impractical for the average user, especially in the age of data caps. Apparently Molyneux is looking on the bright side of things, as he's called these excruciatingly long download times "a journey." There is some relatively legitimate good news, though, as Sony announced plans to roll out a lot more movies for the service in time for summer. And you should have them downloaded and ready to watch just in time for fall. [The Verge]

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Sony isn't the first, RED has REDRAY which is shipping that plays 4K and their movies that they showed at CES were only 8GB for a feature length movie with quality that beat BLURAY, NETFLIX 4K, and Sony's computer simulation.