Sony's CEO Says Every TV It Makes Loses Money

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Sony's made a lot of money selling TVs over the years. So it's kind of a shock to the system to hear its CEO Howard Stringer say that it needs to completely overhaul the way it does business in televisions.

Stringer said at a breakfast hosted by The Wall Street Journal that companies had backed themselves into a tough market by racing to gain television marketshare. Their answer is to try to develop some exciting new product—which, like, duh—but the impetus is the striking bit:

"We can't continue selling TV sets [the way we have been]. Every TV set we all make loses money."


Losing money on some of TVs makes sense; televisions are a notoriously low profit margin category of product. And, like, sometimes they catch on fire and have to be recalled. But all of them? That's really interesting. And if it's true for every company, as Stringer claims? Interestinger and interestinger.

And as for the exciting new TV? Here's hoping it's Smell-o-Vision. [WSJ]

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I'd say the reason it's a loss market is the lifespan of a TV. You usually buy a new laptop/PC every 5 years. An MP3 player roughly at the same rate.

A TV? Maybe once in 20-30 years. So by saturating the market with TVs, there's just not much ROI in selling TVs now. They are a very slow moving item, and now that PCs are moving into the same space.. generally obsolete.