Sony's HDR-V1E: Like the HDR-FX7 But Pro

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The HVR-V1E is the "pro" version of the Sony HDR-FX7, as far as features go. It has the same three CMOS imaging sensors instead of CCDs, but has XLR microphone inputs and true 25P recording. The US version will probably have true 24P recording.

Most other features are the same as the HDR-FX7, including the 20x optical zoom and 16:9 native capture. There's the internal 60GB hard drive which is non-removable (but maybe upgradeable somehow?).. It has the ability to use the HVR-DR60, which is a portable hard disk with i.LINK. Other "pro" features are timecode preset functions, TC Link to sync time codes, and camera profiles to adjust camera settings on other cameras. The HVR-V1E should be out in November for $5600-ish.


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