Sony's Interior Walls Are Slowly Coming Down

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Sony's problem wasn't just that its right hand didn't know what its left hand was doing, it was that its right index finger didn't even know that its right thumb belonged on the same hand. But they're changing. Slowly.

Laptop Mag points to this interview that shows that indeed, different divisions are merging and acknowledging each other's presence. VAIO is now under the PlayStation, Walkman and Reader group. VAIO notebooks are going to use PSN for movies and TV shows. Which is a step in the right direction, but turning a ship this size is like a group of ants trying to move a dumpster. [Laptop Mag]

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Honestly when a company gets that BIG and can't control itself i find it sad. Some companies just cant handle the growth and split or crumble in so many ways, they loose much strength. Think IBM, GM, Chrystler. I for one am very impressed with the fortitude that M$ has shown, hopefully companies like Apple and Google will be the same.