Sony's MDR-NC200D Noise-Canceling Headphones Help Kill the (External) Noise

Illustration for article titled Sony's MDR-NC200D Noise-Canceling Headphones Help Kill the (External) Noise

Maybe you spend more time on a plane than you do your house. Or maybe you just live/work/suffer with someone who talks REALLY REALLY LOUD. Sony's latest noise-canceling headphones, the MDR-NC200D, are made for someone like yourself.


Equipped with 40mm drivers and Sony's own digital canceling technology—which listens to the noise around you, then adjusts accordingly—these on-ear headphones feature digital equalization and amplification, as well as an in-flight adaptor.

There's also a new in-ear version of these headphones, the MDR-NC100D, which has the same active noise-canceling technology and in-flight adaptor.

The on-ear MDR-NC200D and in-ear MDR-NC100D will be available later this month for $200 and $150, respectively. [Sony]



I'm still not convinced that headphones like these are any better than:

- Latex earplugs you can buy at the drug store for simple noise "canceling"

- In-ear buds that block external noise using silicone inserts

Can anyone please convince me these things are so much better to justify the price tag? It seems like technology for technology sake.