Sony's New Wireless Chip Prototype Can Transfer a Blu-ray's Disc Worth of Data in Under a Minute

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For all of Sony's troubles, their commitment to R&D is something that can never be questioned. Their latest achievement is a wireless radio component that operates on the 60 gigahertz frequency and can transfer 6.3 gigabits per second. According to The Verge, that's good enough to exchange 50 gigs of data in under a minute.

What makes the technology especially promising is that it currently only uses a max of 74 milliwatts at any given moment, which is more or less on par with the power consumption of current GSM radios. I'm sure we wont see said technology make its way into phones until the turn of the century, but I guess it doesn't hurt to have something to covet, right? [Sony via The Verge]