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Sony Japan has released several new SACD/DVD players with integrated amplifiers, and a couple of them are the DVP-NS9100ES and the TA-DA9100ES. The DVP-NS9100ES is a SACD/DVD Audio/2x260W Multichannel 32bit S-Master Pro amplifier combo (try saying all that in one breath without gasping for air). It'll also do DVD movies, and is HDMI compliant. The TA-DA9100ES is similar, with a multi-channel amplifier and HDMI output that's capable of 1080p. They're considered pretty high-end though, and the prices exemplify that: around 7,000 Euro ($8,504 USD) for the DVP-NS9100ES and about 5,042 Euro ($6,100 USD) for the TA-DA9100ES. Availability elsewhere to be determined.


Update: It looks like this combo can be had from Crutchfield for $1,300! [Thanks Brady]

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