The guys at Stuff UK got their hands on Sony's new VAIO TZ and from the looks of it, they might never let go. The 11.1-inch ultraportable has a 9-hour battery life, an LED backlit screen and packs enough muscle to fly through Vista Aero. The system passed all of their tests with flying colors, but it's the battery test that pleases me the most.


For their battery test, they made the laptop loop through HD WMV video. The FZ lasted for 3.5 hours (with Wi-Fi on!). Suffice it to say, this lappie ain't a quitter. On top of that, there wasn't a single dropped frame in their 720p HD video test.

Their only concern was the screen: It's a little thin (although Sony says the carbon casing is tough enough) so don't go tossing it around. Either way, it looks like this ultraportable is worth its weight in gold.


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