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Sony's Splittable PlayStation 3 Controller Sounds Very Wiimote-Like

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to, Sony's in the middle of working on a PlayStation 3 controller that splits into two units, giving the player motion-sensing functionality much like the Wiimote + Nunchuk combination on the Wii. Their source knows of no official announcement timeline, but working units have been given to developers to test and integrate into future games.

No clue whether the new controller, which we're calling DualMotion, will still carry on the less-sophisticated Sixaxis controls currently on the PS3. Probably? We wonder if it'll be ready for E3 next month, when Jack Tretton will awkwardly announce it on stage, then proceed to bean an audience member in the head as he accidentally lets go when playing "PS3 Sports." [Games Industry via Kotaku]


Update: Kotaku's got word that the motion controller won't atcually break apart, but will be composed of smaller-sized devices that are used in concert to move your character. Examples given are wearing one on each hand, or one on each hand and one on each foot to guide your in-game avatar. [Kotaku]