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They may be destined only for Japan (i.e. you'll never get your hands on one) but Sony's latest trio of HDD-toting NetJuke stereos are more than a little tasty.

Features common to each are the hard drive, an onboard Gracenote snapshot for labeling ripped songs (MP3 or ATRAC), a CD player, and a 4.3-inch color display. There's also an optional Wi-Fi dongle for downloading extortionately priced J-pop from the AnyMusic store.


The differences lie in the capacity and price: ¥100,000 (US$836) gets you the 250GB NAS-M90HD, ¥80,000 ($669) for the 80GB M70HD and ¥65,000 ($544) for the D50HD. Additionally, there's a slightly sweeter audio setup in the pricier units in the form of digital amps and better speakers. If you feel like a peek, you can spot the M90HD et al on video over here.

Oh, and the two high-end models also accommodate MiniDiscs, whatever those are.

Press release [Sony Japan]

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