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Sound Booth to Lie to Your Significant Other

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you go out to party with your friends and leave your significant other at home, chances are that he or she wouldn't be very happy. Fortunately, here's the perfect solution.

The video is in Spanish, so read below to understand what's happening before playing it


The promotional team of Andes—a very popular beer in Argentina—came up with it. They noticed that, once guys get a girlfriend, they don't go out with their friends as much as before. The girlfriends just don't like their men going out with their brute friends to get drunk. As a result, beer consumption drops.

To solve this, they created the Teletransporter. Granted, it's not a real teletransporter, but it's good enough: A soundproof booth with an integrated sound system controlled by a touchscreen. The sound system offers different ambient sounds, which get played at the touch of a button. The beer company installed several of these in bars and clubs all over the Argentinian city of Mendoza.


Now imagine that you—girl or boy—are in the bar and get a call from your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend. You can a) answer the call and get crucified later, b) don't answer the call and get crucified later, or c) go into the Teletransporter booth, choose a lie, press the option, and then pick up the phone as the ambient sound changes. Something like this:

I wouldn't be surprised if these Transporters get installed in bars all over the world, in the style of old phone booths. [Pagina2 - Thank you, Rubén]