SoundCloud Just Made It Way Easier To Find Good Music

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SoundCloud has always been great for finding new music, but its manner of organization and discovery has kind of sucked. Until now! Today the site is introducing a new page called collection, where you can find all the stuff you've liked and reposted, as well as the stuff the other people you're following are posting, right there in one spot.


Consider it another step in SoundCloud's coming of age. Until now, yes, there's been discovery, but it was mostly just exploring tag pages (say hip hop, or pop, or trap)—or when you listen to a song, the auto-play feature of tracks it suggests to you. Now, SoundCloud has centralized things. In collection, you can see your likes and playlists organized into one category. This is great! You're won't have to go back through your never-ending feed to find something you liked eight months ago.

Gee, SoundCloud, you're really growing up. [SoundCloud via TheNextWeb]



Now if only I could find my playlists on an iPad without needing a degree in Apple technology...