Sources: Ex-HP CEO Hurd Settles with Accuser, Additional Relationship Details Emerge

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Recently resigned HP CEO Mark Hurd has purportedly settled with his accuser out of court, sources told Reuters this weekend. The settlement will end legal proceedings, as the woman, a former HP contractor, has agreed to drop all complaints.


There are also new details about the extent of Hurd's relationship with his accuser, who was an HP contractor working with the HP CEO's office from 2007 to 2009.

An investigation—and comments from the woman's lawyer—determined there were no "sexual relations" between the two, nor was there any confirmed sexual harassment, as initially claimed by the contractor in a letter to Hurd's office on June 29.

There were, however, several mysterious meals and trips that Hurd or his assistant expensed to the company. Some of the meals involved the contractor, others did not even though she was apparently there, and others still were filed for events that did not actually take place. In all about $20,000 worth of suspect expenses were filed by Hurd or on his behalf over two years. He has since volunteered to pay back the money the HP.

As previously reported here and elsewhere about the Internet, Hurd will receive a generous $40-50 million severance package on his way out the door. The settlement paid to the contractor included a monetary component, two separate sources told Reuters under the condition of anonymity. [Reuters]


This is why a smart person does not have dating/sexual relationships with coworkers (including contractors). If the relationship has the potential to be serious, one of them should leave the company, and then they can do what they want. This most especially applies to anyone high or lower on the org chart than the other partner. This is always bad news for both of them. Just don't do it. That's the only "safe" way.