South Korea's Awesome Real Life Counter-Terrorist Plan Can Save World Leaders from Nuclear Death

This isn't a scene from John Woo's latest movie but are rather of real life security guards practicing their counter-terrorist plan in South Korea. It's a run through of what could go wrong at the Nuclear Security Summit and how the security force would react: rappelling, spiderman webs, martial arts and more. I'd totally watch this action movie.

The whole event was a demonstration on how the Presidential Security Service, an elite South Korean security force, would use technology and good 'ol fashioned martial arts ass whooping to protect the expected 40 heads of state (Barack Obama included) during the Nuclear Security Summit at the end of March. 40,000 officers. Barricades encircling the building. Poison. Ropes. Nets. Radiation detectors. And yes, martial arts.


They practiced rappelling from a building to save a world leader, shot acting terrorists with nets and even fired blanks and gave flying kicks to fake suicide bombers. It pretty much sounds like the funnest practice session ever. [Telegraph, AFP via MSBNC]


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