Space: 1999 remake will be called Space: 2099

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We've often wondered what you would call a remake of Space: 1999, the 1970s series about a Moonbase on the loose, and now we know. The show is being remade by a team that includes the same studio that brought you the V remake, and they're calling it Space: 2099.

The real question is: How are they going to make the premise seem less scientifically ludicrous? How does the Moon travel to a new planet every week? Two possibilities suggest themselves:

1) It's a slow burn, in which most weeks the Moon is in interstellar space, and we focus on the romantic troubles and sexual escapades of the people in Moonbase Alpha. Not to mention their political disputes over who should be Commander.


2) There will be handwaving involving wormholes.

Probably, it'll be some combination of the two. In any case, it sounds like Space: 2099 is in the early stages — there's no script, and nothing's been shopped to any networks yet.


Insert stock comment here about how depressing it is that people in the 1970s thought we'd have a Moonbase within 25 years, and now we're expecting it to be nearly 90 years away. [Hollywood Reporter, thanks Kevin!]