Space is big. Thoroughly big. Unmistakably, definitely, certainly big.

To a first-order approximation, the universe is empty. Josh Worth gets it. He built a map titled, If the Moon Was Only 1 Pixel, where, unlike most maps of the solar system, planet-sizes and the distances between planets are kept to the same scale.

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Why? As he points out somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn, "Most space charts leave out the most significant part – all the space." (like this one highlighted earlier today.) Thankfully, Josh mixes in enough philosophy, physics, and poetry (alright, that didn't follow my alliterative trend, but the theme is tedious accuracy, not aesthetic beauty!) in the vast stretches of otherwise empty space just frequently enough to keep you from giving up. My favourite is at 2432677944 km.


Before you click the link, make sure you're ready to dedicate the next block of time to scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling... Ready? Here it is: A tediously accurate scale model of the solar system.

Artist Ivan Kozaric executed the same concept of planetary size and distance at a fixed scale, but in real life to a 1:680000000 with bronze models distributed throughout Zagreb, Croatia. The sun is a sculpture in the town center, but the planets are mounted on plaques to keep them from being totally overlooked. Atlas Obscura has more, including the complete photo gallery of planets as tracked down by the Croation Physics Society.

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There's also a 1:10,000,000,000 scale model of the solar system on the campus of my Alma Mater, the University of Colorado, Boulder.…