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The Spam Cube is a $150, 4-inch box that can filter spam, phising and virus-laden emails with upwards of a 98-percent success rate. There is no subscription fee for the service, but Spam Cube does offer option Security OnDemand service for $52 per year. The small box plugs in between your cable or DSL modem and the wired or wireless router. Any email messages then passing through will be analyzed by the Spam Cube and its subject line will be tagged accordingly.

Once tagged with [SPAM], [VIRUS], or [PHISH] the Spam Cube software toolbar can filter these unwanted messages to a specific folder or the trash bin. Unfortunately the software toolbar only works with Windows-based email clients, so Thunderbird or other users will need to set up their own filtering rules. Out of the box they claim the Spam Cube is 95-percent accurate and after some training it can be upwards of 98-percent accurate.


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