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Our friends at Lifehacker favor us with their Download of the Day, a Windows-only application called SpamFighter. Master blogger Rick Broida tells us he installed this free app for his wife over the weekend and it's doing "a bang-up job." The drawback? Ironically, it inserts its own breed of spam—an ad at the bottom of each outgoing e-mail—but you can avoid that by ponying up $29 for a registered version of the software.

We're loading this up and trying it now. This whole spam problem is getting to be ruinous and a scourge on humanity. It clogs up all those pipes on the Interwebs, so much so that sifting through all of it is becoming a chore that makes email hardly worth it. For instance, I counted 675 spam e-mail messages in our Gizmodo tips email box on December 25 alone. Help us, bejeebus.


Any other suggestions, commenters? Is there a perfect solution to the spam plague?

Download of the Day: SpamFighter (Windows) [lifehacker]


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