Spider-Man: No Way Home Crosses the Billion Dollar Mark

Threat or menace? Turns out, a savior of the theatrical experience.

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Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home, drenched in rain.
Image: Sony Pictures

Yep, that didn’t take long. After a massive opening weekend and continually earning money over the week, many predicted that Spider-Man: No Way Home would cross a billion dollars by the end of Christmas weekend, and they were proven right.

Analysts have put No Way Home’s overall take home at $1.05 billion, just a relative little bit behind Far From Home’s $1.132 billion back in 2019. In North America, the film earned $81.5 million over the weekend for a current overall total of $467.3 million, and $121.4 million internationally. At 12 days, it’s just behind Avengers: Infinity War as the third-fastest film ever to hit a billion, with Endgame still taking the top spot for reaching that in five. It’s also now the 10th highest grossing film of the MCU, just two places behind Far From Home.


It’s no longer just Sony Pictures’ highest grossing film in North America and the only movie to hit this milestone during the pandemic. No Way Home is now the top-grossing film of 2021, a title previously held by the Chinese war film, The Battle at Lake Changjin. Safe to say that Sony and Marvel will milk this for all it’s worth when they kick off No Way Home’s Oscar campaign for Best Picture. And as has been noted elsewhere, this continues to be without a Chinese release, as none of the theatrical MCU releases this year have yet to release there. There’s still more money for it to make, however, since it’ll be hitting Japan on January 7.


Taking second and third place, at least in North America, were Sing 2 and The Matrix Resurrections. The former, a sequel to Illumination and Universal’s 2016 animal karaoke musical starring Taron Egerton, Scarlett Johansson, and Matthew McConaughey, took $41 million. Meanwhile, the divisive Resurrections has scored $22.5 million. (Its numbers on HBO Max have yet to be revealed.) Respectable openers to one degree or another, but make no mistake: until the next big blockbuster hits, No Way Home will probably remain number one for quite some time.

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