Splitflix: Share the Cost of Your Hulu and Netflix Subscriptions

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While individually cheap, the cost of your streaming subscriptions can pile up. If you're feeling the pinch, check out Splitflix. The new service facilitates splitting the cost of your Netflix and Hulu subscriptions with another person. Awesome, as long as it lasts.


For $1 a month, Splitflix will anonymously set you up with someone who is interested in sharing Hulu and Netflix accounts with you. Once you're connected with another Splitflix user, you negotiate the duration of the arrangement, and other terms and conditions and poof, you're done. Half-price access to the two largest video streaming services.

Splitflix seems like a great idea because it emulates what a lot of people already do with their streaming accounts. But it also seems like maybe you don't need Splitflix to set this kind of arrangement up. Finding a friend who wants to split accounts shouldn't be too hard, and at least then you'll know who to blame when your queue gets clogged with weird foreign films and old Power Rangers episodes. There's also a lot of question marks about how long the service will be available. While password sharing isn't explicitly prohibited by Hulu or Netflix, it may only be a matter of time before the companies move to block Splitflix arrangements, especially if the service gains some traction. But hey, might as well enjoy it while it lasts—if sharing your streaming habits with a complete stranger sounds appealing. [Splitflix via TechCrunch]


Wouldn't this go against the terms and conditions?