Sports Hybrid, Built by Kids, Runs on Soybeans, Zero-to-60 in 4 Seconds

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The top auto designers in Detroit have been slam-dunked by a group of high school kids from Philadelphia who built the K-1 Attack Hybrid, a sports car that gets 50 miles per gallon and can go from zero to 60 in four seconds. During auto shop class, the group took a Honda Accord chassis, a Volkswagen turbo diesel engine and a 200hp electric motor, and put together a hybrid electric/biomass car that runs on soybeans. Now the car has won a race and is getting big-time press coverage all over the U.S.

The kicker? It beats the gas mileage/performance ratio of any production vehicle on the market today. It s been a bad news week for the U.S. auto industry: First, American automakers aren't occupying any of the top ten slots in Consumer Reports recommended vehicles this year, and now this? Wake up, Detroit!


Take a Look at West Philadelphia High's Hybrid [Tree Hugger]

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