Spotify for iOS Just Got Some Sweet New Touch and Gesture Features

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Spotify has just announced some neat new touch and gesture features for its iOS app, that should make it easier to discover new music and build play lists.


A new feature called Touch Preview allows you to press and hold on a track to hear a short snippet, so you can work out if you want to listen to it or not. Dragging your finger to another track while holding will take you to a new track; tapping will play the song as usual. If you're already listening to music, Spotify will pause it, play the preview, then resume playing when you let go. There's also new gesture support, too. You can now swipe a song to the left to add it to My Music, or swipe it to the right to add it to your play queue. It's like Tinder for music.

The update is currently only available for iOS. [Spotify via The Next Web]

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Why is Spotify still not updating/fixing one simple thing: When you go into Your Music, under Artists, there should be a list of albums you have saved from that artist. I shouldn't have to scroll through an endless list of songs. iOS's default music app does the same thing. How do these developers think this is a good thing? I'm currently using the free trial of Beats Music to see how it compares and while it has a few shortcomings, this is one of the things they got right.