Sprint Announces Sanyo SCP-2400 With Parental Controls

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You've got to keep an eye on their kids. One day they're playing with their Transformers action figures and the next they've knocked up 3 broads, knocked over 2 banks, and knocked down a poor old 84 year old lady, breaking her hip. Only you (and your wife) can prevent this with the Sanyo SCP-2400.


The phone allows you, the parent, to control who your kid can call and who can call your kid. There's also the Sprint Family Locator, which is a GPS on the phone so you can locate up to four of your kids using your own phone or a PC.

The phone will be available in five different colors by early July for $179, or $29.99 with two year agreement. Seriously, watch your kids so they don't rob me in 10 years.


Press Release [Sprint]

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