Sprint Instinct Firmware Update Includes Non-Crappy Browser

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The Instinct firmware update BH29 was pushed out over the air (a cool feature in and of itself) a few days ago, with one main purpose: fixing the browser with an entirely new codebase. Lame page rendering and navigation were our biggest problems with the Instinct, so this update is definitely worth exploring. Release notes after the jump. [EverythingInstinct]

Version: BH29 Delivery: OTA Projected Release Date: 9/17 (client initiated) 9/24 (network initiated) Projected Release Dates are best estimates and are subject to change with no notice. Notes: Instinct firmware BH29 includes the resolution of 249 tickets open since the previous public firmware release, BF30. The release also marks the first public release of the updated Instinct Web Browser, version 1.1. The new browser is based on an entirely new codebase and brings an 10x improvement to rendering speed, most noticeable in the areas of pan/zoom/resize functionality. New browser features include: * VC Button -> Hide/show controls; browser controls can be hidden to provide more screen to webpage display * Favorites enhancements -> Improvements to favorites UI allows for sticky mode lock * 34 other web browser tickets resolved

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screw all of you with the "who cares" I got this phone because I wanted a decent phone with touch functionality and I wasn't about to take up the tailpipe from ATT with their crappy service in my area. This phone is a good phone...and a hell of a lot better than the stupid razr I had before. Yes it has flaws...no it's not perfect, but unlimited data plans are cheaper for my wife and I than with ATT.