Sprint Leaks More Treo 700wx Brochures: September 3 Release Date, $649.99 SRP

Sprint's not-so-smarty-pants accidentally (?) released more brochures dealing with the launch date and pricing of the upcoming Treo 700wx, which Mobility Today got its hands on. The big news: the Treo 700wx will debut on September 3 and will retail for $649.99, less $150 if you sign up for a 2-year contract.


What's unexpected is the lack of any mention of GPS in the newly leaked documents. There had been rumors buzzing about pointing toward some sort of GPS capability being included, but now it appears that those rumors were unfounded. Silly rumors.

UPDATE: See, kids, make sure to get your eight hours of sleep or else you'll miss giant text that reads "GPS" in bright, glittering lights. So yeah, it has GPS, worry not.

Sprint Treo 700wx to be released Sept 3 [Mobility Today]

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