Sprint Nukes Carrier IQ

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Thanking Sprint for turning off Carrier IQ's invisible spy software seems a bit like thanking someone for no longer pissing on your leg at a picnic, but, hey kudos to them for doing the right thing. Way too late.

Sprint confirmed to MobileBurn that diagnostic data will no longer be collected across its 26 million devices that were currently being tapped: "We have weighed customer concerns and we have disabled use of the tool so that diagnostic information and data is no longer being collected. We are further evaluating options regarding this diagnostic software as well as Sprint's diagnostic needs." That does, however, leave the future undecided; if Sprint is "evaluating options" regarding Carrier IQ, that means they might flip the switch back on again. Please, please leave the switch off, Sprint. This was not a good look for you. [MobileBurn]