Sprint's Palm Pre Drops to $100, At Least For New Recruits (Update: Canceled!)

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Sprint's effectively knocked another $100 off the price of the Palm Pre, with a mail-in rebate service rebate for anyone who ports a number from another carrier to start a new contract. Good news for everyone! (Except loyal Sprint customers.)

The Pre is the kind of phone that people might switch carriers for, so this move, spotted by John Paczckkckkowsawiki (sp?) over at AllThingsD, is a shrewd one. But a narrow one too, since Sprint's most devoted fans—you know, the ones who already have contracts—will have to pay the full price, while Johnny-come-lately T-Mobile defectors are given VIP treatment.

Of course, tiered promotions like this are fairly common, and for the large portion of prospective Pre buyers who'll be coming from another network, this is a great deal. Of course, it might still be worth waiting a little while—it's been a while since we've heard anything about the impending doomsday for Sprint's Pre exclusivity, but it's still very much impending. Verizon folks: If you're happy with your network, maybe you can wait just a little longer. For everyone else, the deal ends sometime in October (either the 10th or 31st, according to conflicting internal pages), and the $100 is deducted from your monthly bill.


UPDATE: Sprint has canceled the deal after only six hours. [Sprint via AllThingsD]

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Palm Pre is not doing well, hopefully when the Pre (or webOS) is launched on other carriers it will do better. If Palm does not see significant sales and find themselves to far behind Apple, maybe Nokia will buy Palm, together they could make some great phones.