Sprint's PPC-6800 Gets Officially Spec'd

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It's good news day for Sprint users! Not only do you get the BlackBerry 8830, your corporate overlords have just released a data sheet detailing what you'll get with the upcoming PPC-6800, or HTC Titan, as it's better known as.


The phone itself will have WM5 (darn, no WM6), a Qualcomm MSM7500 400MHz processor, 256MB ROM, 64MB RAM, 2.8-inch touchscreen, EV-DO Revision A, Wi-Fi, 2-megapixel camera with auto-focus, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD and an internal antenna. Those of you who long for the days of a gigantic antenna poking you in the thigh will have the option of attaching an external antenna as well.

The date for launch? Looks like late next month.

Spec Sheet (PDF) [Boy Genius Report via Boy Genius Report]


Erwos says:

"Was about to switch from Sprint to Cingular so I could get the 8525." If you switch from Sprint to Cingular, you would be best buying one of the far more advanced units from overseas and not using a stock cingular phone. Go to http://www.pdadb.net/index.php?m=pd… and look at all the better stuff than we get from the US providers all at least 1 year ahead of the latest releases. On Cingular you can pretty much run any GSM phone you want - I would do the same if it weren't for the fact that Sprint is CDMA and even if I could get a better CDMA phone, Sprint locks their network so you are stuck with what Sprint has to offer. My contract runs out in less than 2 months - trying to find a good deal on a ATT contract.