SSD Prices Dropping, 32GB iPhone Not Too Far Off

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While getting a laptop with an SSD inside is still ridiculously expensive, it won't be that way for long. That's because the price of flash memory is plummeting, with it dropping 75% in the last 5 months alone. In fact, 1GB chipsets are selling for as low as $2.23, with 4GB chipsets going for as low as $12.30.


What's that mean for you and me? Well, it means that a, say, 32GB iPhone isn't too far off, and that the days of platter hard drives in computers are numbered. If the trend of dropping prices continues, within a couple more years they'll be nearing the low prices of HDDs we're seeing now, and we'll all enjoy faster, more reliable, more energy efficient storage in all of our devices. Until then, you're still gonna have to do what you've been doing: wait. [Yahoo via Electronista]

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No question that solid state drives are dropping in price very quickly. That said, some questions for the geeks:

1. Is the memory in solid state drives the same as in flash drives? I didn't think so. There is an enormous speed difference, from what I understand.

2. Isn't it true that this memory goes 'bad' after so many write cycles to the same 'spot', which is one of the things that has delayed SSD's from taking off?

3. Assuming #2 is true, do we have any real sense of the life expectancy given normal use? A standard hard drive could last for decades, but an SSD that is heavily used might only last a couple of years, no?

I did purchase an 8gb SSD for an old laptop running Windows 2000, and it works well, but I must admit that it has a lot of quirks that were not present in the standard hard drive it replaced.