ST-2 Indoor Shooting Simulator Is Duck Hunt on Steroids

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For the ultimate game of Duck Hunt, Marksman Training Systems is offering the ST-2 shooting simulator-the first on the market for shotgun and rifle shooting. Co-developed by the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, the simulator is so accurate that its used by Russian and Slovakian national clay shooting teams as a way to practice before the Olympics.

The ST-2 gives exact feedback after every shot, including hit position and a replay of the aiming movement. Results can be saved and kept in a file to record short- and long-term progress. You can even bring your own gun, which can be hooked up to the system's programs. Pricing is on a case by case basis, but you can expect this outfit to cost a pretty penny. Snickering dog not included. [Marksman Training Systems via Born Rich]

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Not so much against the guns or shooting there of, as it is actually quite fun (high school rifle team, no bell tower experience). It's the killing that is kind of a downer.

Making it ultra-realistic can also have a desensitizing effect. Once you have seen all of the realistic bloods and guts, the REAL bloods and guts may not seem so "nightmare-ish."

Perhaps an "empathy simulator" is what is needed. Once in a while, chuck Rover or Spot in to the air and let the shooter see how it feel to shoot something they cared about.