Stampler: The Stapler and the Stamp Had an Adorable Baby

Attaching pieces of paper together is pretty humdrum as far as office activities go, but what if your every staple could be magically transformed into a day-brightening Smiley Face stamp? For £12.00, that's just what the Stampler, an ingenious new stapler and stamp hybrid, will do! Well, that's what it hopes to do. Actually, since it uses the straight-across staple as the face's mouth, it will magically transform your every staple into a sort of "meh" face, without even a hint of a smile on its countenance and without any chance, really, that the corners of its mouth might curl up into anything resembling a smile. And even though the face is ringed with tiny type that says "Have a Nice Day," your coworkers will come to think of that unchanging, unfeeling face as your face, come to think that no matter how chipper you might seem in person, your new Stampler betrays your true conviction that you are an undistinguished cog in a faceless corporate machine. [Suck.UK via Not Cot]


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