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Stan Against Evil's Finale Unleashes Alternate Realities, Bloodthirsty Witches, and Stripper Jokes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Stan Against Evil wraps up its second season tomorrow night with its last set of back-to-back episodes. We’ve got an exclusive look at the finale, and while there’s no Stan in the clip, it does feature a time-traveling Sheriff Evie (Janet Varney) meeting Deputy Leon (Nate Mooney) for what he thinks is the first time.

Naturally, because Leon is a bit of a buffoon, it doesn’t go well... at all. And then, as always on Stan Against Evil, things get even worse when the horrifying witch shows up.

Poor ol’ Leon. The show, which also stars John C. McGinley as delightfully crude tough guy Stan Miller, hasn’t yet announced a third season, but as we noted in our review, there’s certainly a door left wide open for more Stan and Evie adventures... with a heaping side of apocalypse. Stan Against Evil’s eighth and ninth episodes of season two (“Mirror Mirror” and “A Hard Day’s Night”) air November 22 on IFC.