Standalone Cassette SD MP3 Player Is Retro-Useful

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The Standalone Cassette MP3 player would have been incredibly useful back in the early '00s, before we hooked up iPods and iPhones directly to our car (via cassette adapter), but it's still pretty neat now. The body looks and behaves like a standard cassette tape, but has a slot on the bottom for an SD slot filled with MP3s. The only downsides are that it only holds SD cards up to 2GB, needs to be recharged, but at least it can be controlled via your car's head unit. [Chinavision via inewidea via Random Good Stuff]

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The last car I had with a tape deck needed a special "tape adapter." If I didn't use one that was designed for that exact stereo, it would just try to flip the tape over and over.

Its just easier to go aftermarket anymore.