Stanley Level Becomes First iPhone App Designed By a Major Tool Manufacturer

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Several level applications have made their way to the App Store but as far as I can tell, none of them has been especially accurate. Stanley appears to have changed that.


As long as you calibrate this correctly, you can get near 100% accuracy. In my tests, I was able to zero out on a flat surface and hit a perfect 90 degrees when placed vertically alongside a wall. Plus, you can switch between four different skins to match the look of your level to real levels in Stanley's product line. It may not be something you want to bring on the construction site, but if you have been waiting for a level app that can handle everyday tasks, this is probably as good as it can get on the current iPhone (and it won't cost a dime). [iTunes]

The Stanley Works Introduces the First iPhone™ App Designed by a S&P 500 Tool Manufacturer
Leader in Hand Tool Design and Innovation Explores the Frontier of Consumer Technology

New Britain, CT, – The Stanley Works (NYSE: "SWK"), a worldwide supplier of consumer products, industrial tools and security solutions, becomes the first S&P 500 tool manufacturer to launch an iPhone™ and iPod® touch application with the introduction of the STANLEY® Level. This new and free application is available online at the Apple App Store and brings users the accuracy and reliability of real world STANLEY® tools in virtual form. Four interchangeable application skins emulate existing STANLEY® levels to provide consumers with an opportunity to experience, research and learn about Stanley's extensive line of levels.

The STANLEY® Level harnesses the accelerometer, a digital gyroscope technology located in iPhone™and iPod® touch, to generate an understanding of where the device is in space. Once the user has downloaded the application they begin by calibrating the STANLEY® Level with a gravity driven (bubble) level to create a simulation in the iPhone™ or iPod® touch. When the calibration is complete, the STANLEY® Level is ready to take on a multitude of basic leveling tasks.

"The STANLEY® Level application combines more than a century's worth of hand tool manufacturing experience with today's latest digital technology," said Kevin Udy, channel manager for The Stanley Works. "Every Stanley® tool is designed to provide best-in-class end user benefits and the Level application is no exception. This handy app simplifies many jobs including the hanging of artwork or the mounting of shelves. The STANLEY® Level is just like the real thing but it's always in your pocket when you need it."

The STANLEY® Level application for iPhone™ and iPod touch® mobile digital devices offer users the following features:

* Functionality for everyday use
* Fast and easy calibration
* Interchangeable skins
* Stanley product info and history
* Helpful tips to ensure accuracy

The STANLEY® Level for iPhone™ and iPod touch® mobile digital devices is available for free from the online Apple App Store.



I love Stanley tools. I have a couple (not many, since I am not very handy) of their tools, and they are fabulous. I also have the Stanley branded thermos by Aladdin, which I must say, I have put through HELL and its still fabulous about 10 years into ownership. Its so tough, I plan on leaving it to my kid, when I die in 150 or so years.