Stanton C.314 CD/MP3 Mixer Player DJ Thing

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This is the latest in Stanton's arsenal of next-gen DJ equipment. No longer will crates of vinyl be needed at DJ gigs, just pop the C.314 in and go to town. Stanton claims this device is user friendly, I just think it looks pretty. The large touch-sensitive jog wheel in the middle allows for scratching and beat juggling—whatever the hell that mean—to be done with ease and finesse. Also included is a memory that can store cue points and loops for up to 500 CDs. The C.314 also has high quality DSP effects and other block rockin' features. Did I mention it looks pretty? Oooh, shiny!


Stanton C.314 Tabletop CD/MP3 Player [BIOS]

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I've got nothing but good things to say about Stanton. I bought a turntable from them when they were rebadging Technics stuff, and for a $149 turntable it served me well. I recently bought a mixer that matches the CD player above and have been deleriously happy with it. Their quality/value ratio is well above average.