Star Trek 2's Future Gets Muddy?

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Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are talking about what could appear in a sequel to this summer's Star Trek again, and this time they're talking about a possible casting idea that we're completely in favor of.

Speaking to SciFi Wire during an appearance promoting Fringe at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Orci and Kurtzman admitted that they don't really have anything pinned down for the sequel at the moment:

We had about a 15- [to] 30-minute discussion with the whole gang and went our separate ways. We're still in the re-reading and taking-it-all-in phase before we actually sit down and start designing it... We take nothing for granted at this point. We're only going to do it when it's really right.


That said, they know one thing that'll definitely make it into the script, according to Orci:

I was watching cable the other night, watching Star Trek. It's been on rotation, the original series. [Bones] said, 'He's dead, Jim.' I was like, 'Oh, that has to go [in the script].'

Something else that may make it in there? Heroes star Greg Grunberg, who's publicly admitted to wanting to play con artist Harry Mudd in the sequel. Orci admits, "It's a good idea."

Star Trek 2 - or Star Trek XII*, if you're old-school - will likely go into production at some point late 2010 at the earliest.


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(* - Not, of course, Star Trek XXII, like I'd written earlier. Don't worry; you've not missed ten Trek movies. But if you had, only five of them would've been worth watching.)