Star Trek Mural Transforms Any Room Into Nerd Womb

Illustration for article titled Star Trek Mural Transforms Any Room Into Nerd Womb

I'm not too sure what heaven looks like, being of the mindset that it all just goes to black. But if heaven does exist, it surely looks a lot like the original Star Trek Enterprise.


The Star Trek: Bridge Full Wall Mural is a 6x10 detachable skin that can stick and restick to walls without damaging the paint job. In other words, not only can you decorate a small room without painting; you can decorate a small room to be just like the original Enterprise without painting. Priced at around $185, now only to get the missus wearing that miniskirt/go-go boot combination... [Urban Collector via DVICE]

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Hello Mister Walrus

I imagine that this would scare away any females that you happen to bring to your room. Sort of like how they react to my video camera set up.