How to use your Tricorder

It turns out we weren’t the only ones impressed with Mangy Dog’s Voyager tricorder, which features animated touchscreens, countless LEDs and buttons, and sound effects sourced from the various movies and TV shows. The maker actually ended up producing a handful of the replicas for die-hard (and well-funded) Star Trek fans and collectors.


Those of us who can’t spend quite as much on our Star Trek obsessions can at least spend 10 minutes taking a deeper dive into how Mangy Dog’s tricorder works, as they’ve created a tutorial video outlining more of its features and what the various buttons do. The physical buttons trigger multiple sound effects depending on how long you push them, while the animated touchscreen can cycle through various simulated diagnostic modes.

The tricorder also has custom functionality specifically designed for cosplayers and collectors, including the ability to adjust the screen brightness so it doesn’t get blown out in photos. There’s also a bypass for its rechargeable battery for those who want to keep it running in a display case without constantly having to remove it for a charge.