Star Wars: A New Hope, But as a Classic '80s Anime

Look at the mustache on that Wookiee!
Look at the mustache on that Wookiee!
Image: Dmitry Grozov

A Hanime, if you will.

Star Wars itself might be getting into its own take on anime-inspired content later this year with the launch of Resistance, but this delightful fan trailer by YouTuber Dmitry Grozov takes Star Wars as we know it—in the form of A New Hope—and transforms it into an old-school anime style cartoon, evoking the likes of Macross or Mobile Suit Gundam, complete with Japanese voice acting.

Sadly it’s just a trailer rather than the full thing, but the only reason we want the full thing now is that it looks downright fantastic. It’s rugged and charmingly dated in a way that has us longing for an official Star Wars anthology in the vein of East-meets-West collaborations like The Animatrix, Gotham Knight, or Halo Legends. Sure, we’ve had Star Wars manga before, but how the hell has that not happened yet!?



Just fantastic. Man, why can’t there be more of this? Also, any excuse to repost this one: