Star Wars Squadron's New Cinematic Short Celebrates the Pilots of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Varko Grey, Titan Squadron’s finest, is being hunted.
Gif: EA Games

Spaceships are, as previously established, extremely cool. But the people in their cockpits are the real heroes of the Star Wars universe, and our latest look at the new video game all about them is a gorgeous new short teaser.


Released this morning, the short delves into the world of Squadrons, set in the immediate years after Return of the Jedi—as the New Republic recruits forces to help establish its legitimacy and liberate worlds seeking to throw off Imperial rule in the wake of Palpatine’s death, and the Imperial Remnant looks to put on a united front as it scrambles to maintain control.

We’ll do so in Squadrons by following, well, two squadrons: Vanguard, flying for the New Republic, and Titan on the Imperial side. While the player will make their own protagonist for the game’s single and multiplayer modes, we get to meet a few of their co-pilots in the story in the new teaser—most notably Varko Grey, the leader of Titan Squadron. Check it out!

Star Wars Squadrons is still set for all wings to report in on October 2 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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