Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Porgs Make Their Adorable Animated Debut

Gif via YouTube

Some members of io9's staff have previously expressed concerns about the Porgs, the incredibly cute little creatures in the new Star Wars movie that feel like they were forged in the depths of the world’s most powerful marketing department to create the ultimate merchandising opportunity. Not I. I for one welcome our new porg overlords.


While we’ll have to wait for The Last Jedi itself to see the new creatures in live action, the Star Wars YouTube channel has decided to satiate rampant desire for the Porgs ever since their adorable debut in the recent behind-the-scenes reel by combining them with what happened the last time the world’s most powerful marketing department came together to create the ultimate merchandise opportunity: BB-8.

 Isn’t that as cloyingly heartwarming as you’d expect from such a combination?

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Well, at this point, they can’t be any worse than this:

Or this:

So, now we’ll just have to wait and see if I still stand by my comment after the movie comes out.