Stargate Atlantis Season 5: New Aliens And Cameos

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We gave you a first look at the Stargate Atlantis season premiere, but what about the rest of the year? Stargate Atlantis producer Joseph Mallozzi and Robert Picardo, who plays the thrillingly uniformed Richard Woolsey sat down and spilled about the new season. Lock and load for spoilers ahead.


New Not-So-Friendly Alien Races:

"We are introducing a couple of new races," Mallozzi spilled. "There are a number of civilizations that will be standing up on their own." But they aren't the huggable E.T. type of Aliens. "They [the new Aliens] will be coming in a big way in the mid-season two parter [where] Daniel Jackson comes to Atlantis. He's following a lead and he needs assistance. They make a discovery [of some device] that alerts an alien race that is also seeking out the device. This alien race ends up coming to Atlantis, and it's not a friendly house call."

But wait - there are loads more new aliens. "We introduce another new alien in [that] episode, I love the look of this race," said Mallozzi. "They are a race that we'd love to bring back and are discussing it.

Pegasus Galaxy United Nations:

All of the alien races in the Pegasus Galaxy will band together to form a United Nations. It will be mostly made up of the civilizations that have been oppressed by the Wraith. Mallozzi explains that they will be, "calling Atlantis to task for the trouble they've caused." Obviously for brining the Wraith out in the first place.

Bill Nye The Science Guy Comes To Atlantis:

Picardo was very excited for the cameo role of his friend and TV scientist, Bill Nye the science guy. On Atlantis he will also be playing a scientist that visits the crew looking for something important. That sounds like the alien race mentioned before, fingers crossed for Bill Nye in Alien prosthetics.

Woolsey Is Allowed To Eat At The "Cool Kids" Table:

Unfortunately for some Woolsey, isn't always going to be the play-by-the-rules Commander for very long. Within the first few episodes Mallozzi revealed that Woolsey has to "throw out the playbook" and break the rules he once swore to protect. In the episode "The Seed," Woolsey faces the first major crisis of his command. "There's not a lot of humor in this," says Picardo. "He can't simply follow the rule book. He's broken protocol about five times in his first crisis. The very next episode, "Broken Ties," is Woolsey getting used to the technology of the base. He's running a base but doesn't know any of the technology." But this only endears him more to the gang at Atlantis. But it's a rocky road to complete acceptance. Picardo shared that there are a few moments of "you're starting to grow on me" between him and Sheppard, when he reveals that he doesn't know if he's the best Commander he can be. But who knows what will happen to this delicate balance of respect when he tries to get Ronon Dex to file his paper work in future episodes.


Atlantis Welcomes The Ladies:

Mallozzi admitted that the departure of Col. Samantha Carter left the gender scales a little "unbalanced." So we can look forward to Stargate "introducing a lot more potentially recurring female characters."


New Woolsey Judges Our Bald Atlantis Commander:

In the episode "Remnants," Woolsey is judged by the person who replaced him. The IOA comes in and is none too pleased that Woolsey has become a bit cavalier about the rule book he once treasured and it he may even get sacked. Picardo explained that, "He becomes a character that the audience can sympathize with. You come to realize that he is leader material."




I like the fact that Atlantis and SG-1 use all the standard sci-fi plots repeatedly, even their own. It's all done with a wink and a nod. It's not like they're trying to make BSG or anything.