Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed, a $50K Magic Carpet of Gadgety Delights

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This Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed by Leggett & Platt looks like the crib of the century, and we're not even finished with the first decade yet. First of all, it keeps an eye on what you're doing all night long, diagnosing your movement and breathing patterns, and even sensing that buzz-saw snoring that keeps everybody in the house awake all night. It claims to be able to reduce snoring in mild to moderate cases by elevating your torso a few degrees. Good luck with that. But that's just the beginning of this complete lap of luxury, equipped with gadgets from head-to-toe.

If you're always fighting with the missus about the temperature, this baby can keep you cool down to 68° or heat things up all the way up to 117° on the other side, immediately ending temperature disputes. There's also 2500-watt surround sound system with four 8-inch subwoofers, Internet connectivity, wireless RF remote that hooks you up with a 1.5TB media server with four gigs of RAM, a docking station for your iPod and a 1080p projector. Who says beds are only for sleep and sex? Hop into this sucker and you may never leave. The catch? Fully equipped, this magic carpet will set you back a cool $50K. [Leggett & Platt]