If you want to learn more about science but shudder at the thought of cracking open another text book, how does watching colorful animations about the length of a pop song sound? Better? Head over to YouTube channel Kurz Gesagt, which has beautiful educational videos in spades.

German for “in a nutshell,” the channel has nearly 700,000 subscribers. The videos are made by a team of designers, journalists, and animators based in Munich. They tackle a spread of science and tech topics like atom size, Ebola explained, and the Gulf Stream. There’s also more than one Pokémon reference.


Here’s a primer of exactly what fracking is and the pros and cons:

A mini-profile of Neptune’s big, weird moon, Triton, and how dwarf planets can get sucked into other solar systems:

A compilation of universal doomsday scenarios:

The Fermi Paradox. (Abridged version: If aliens probably exist, why haven’t we seen any yet?)

And a nice little pro/con series of nuclear power:

Only thing? I just wish there were more—I’ve already flown through most of the 32 uploads.