'Steampunk Frankenstein' PC Is Awesome Enough To Excuse Being Steampunk In The First Place

I've had some harsh words for lesser Steampunk mods, and with good reason—it's getting tired, and most examples are massively boring. Not boring: the "Frankenstein Steampunk", an absurdly thorough PC mod built by Dana Mattocks.


The first thing you notice about this mod is its size—it's 8 feet tall, and weighs over 400 pounds. The project apparently took a year to complete, and it shows. Not opportunity for modification is pass up, with everything from the power button (a discreet brass valve) to the air intake (an old church floor vent) gets a neo-Victorian overhaul.


While it looks like a wooden mainframe, its guts are pure high-end gaming. The dual Nvidia 8800 GTX system is watercooled throughout, keeping noise to a minimum. This is Steampunk done right—as actual art, not as a fashion statement. Check out gallery below for a few more pics, but definitely click through to Dana's full Flickr set to see the Frankenstein in all its glorious detail. [Dana Mattocks]

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