Stephen Malkmus: Jo Jo's Jacket

I love Pavement. But Malkmus on his own is a different beast. A different, lovely beast. His propensity for lyrical role-playing is absurd. And when he takes on the bald dome of Yul Brynner it is at its best.


I'm not entirely sure what it is that possesses a man to write music from the point of view of a comically simplistic, self-obsessed version of an iconic star of stage and screen. But whatever it is, I am glad that Stephen Malkmus has it. In spades.

Off the ex-Pavement frontman's self-titled album, "Jo Jo's Jacket" is perhaps the most ridiculous and fantastic showcase of Malkmus' tendency to create songs that are catchy as hell, but with lyrics that come ever-so-close to pure word salad while still maintaining a sense of a cohesiveness that makes them seem somehow more insane than total gibberish.

It'll turn your brain into a medicinal jelly. [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]


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