Steve Ballmer Speaks the Language of Surrender, Perfectly

Illustration for article titled Steve Ballmer Speaks the Language of Surrender, Perfectly

Oh, of course Steve Ballmer speaks "careful, well-pronounced" French perfectly and France loves him back because he's "one of us." [WSJ]

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The Werewolf

Wow - you're right. They are surrender monkies.

Like the US was in 1812.

Or the Poles, Czechs, Austrians and well, everyone the Russians annexed.

And wow - big talk for a country that didn't even get IN WWII until it was almost over. We Canadians were in it in 1939. We lost almost half our adult male population in it.

You pansies whine about 9/11 - but the Brits were experiencing that EVERY FRAKING DAY OF THE BLITZ.

WWII was a difficult, complex war with all sorts of back channel issues. To simplify it like that is the height of arrogance and insensitivity - it's beyond childish.

Grow up.

PS: I lost an uncle defending France - and both of my parents fought in WWII - and my mother was captured by the Germans and spent the last part of it in a concentration camp. She moved to France after the war... So yeah, it is a little personal to me.