Steve Jobs Has "6 Weeks to Live," Says the National Enquirer

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Steve Jobs took another medical leave of absence earlier this year with no estimated return date. The National Enquirer has now published some scary looking photos of Steve, which depict him looking thinner and perhaps more ill than ever. (Photos in the spread above by Nick Stern)

The Enquirer followed him from breakfast to the Stanford Cancer Center. It says he has weeks to live, based on analysis of the photos by Dr. Gabe Mirkin and Dr. Samuel Jacobson. Neither are oncologists or have seen Steve in person. Mirkin, a radio talk show host, claims he has a "20-year track record of spotting breakthroughs and recommending effective treatments long before they become standard medical care" and makes his assessment of Steve based on the appearance of Steve's butt in the photos. Yes, this doctor is making a butt-diagnosis, remotely.


The National Enquirer has been right about things before, like the John Edwards affair. These photos do depict Steve. (We're only showing part of the image.) And Steve very likely was at the Stanford Cancer Center, since Radar is independently reporting it as well.

No one knows why he was there—no one has seen the medical records. The Enquirer is also wrong a lot—especially when it comes to proclaiming that celebrities have mere weeks to live. (Patrick Swayze, God bless him, beat their gruesome prognosis by a year. Kirstie Alley and Oprah will both be dead in a couple years by the Enquirer's reckoning.) The photos are shocking, but nearly every magazine retouches photos.

And just a couple weeks ago, Steve was supposedly spotted on Apple campus looking spry with a "full, genuine smile."


We hope that the Enquirer is wrong. And that's what our gut tells us. But who knows. [National Enquirer, Photos in piece by Nick Stern]

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I'm questioning that photo, because that does NOT look like Steve Jobs.