Steve Jobs' Yacht Repossessed By—You Guessed It—Philippe Starck

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The designer of Steve Jobs' yacht has never been the master of tact. Just a few months ago, Philippe Starck played up his friendship with Jobs and tastelessly teased the yacht as "revolutionary" Apple product. Gross. His latest cool guy move: having the monster repossessed over a payment dispute.


Reuters reports that the $100 million yacht was impounded on Wednesday in the Netherlands at the behest of Starck's lawyers. They say that Starck was only ever paid 6 million euros of the 9 million he was promised for his work designing the boat.

That's not exactly chump change, but you gotta wonder if very publicly embarrassing and dragging Jobs' family into court is really the best and most respectful way to resolve this problem. After all, Starck can't stop telling the world how he was such good buddies with Jobs. This friendship is the whole basis of Starck's claims. His lawyers say that because they were close friends the contract 'wasn't very detailed.' Well, come on, man! You can't have your friends and sue them too. [Reuters]


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A rough rule of thumb is that a yacht will cost 10% of its initial cost in upkeep yearly at a minimum. Is this beast really worth spend 8 figures in upkeep over a 3 million dollar dispute. this boat will eat its owner alive.